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Home Made Pizza Oven

Home Made Pizza OvenHey every buddy!          Every body loves Pizza. Even better if it’s freshly baked and homemade! You don’t need to have an outdoor kitchen for this to be possible. This hand-built outdoor pizza oven is the solution.
               Today built outdoor pizza oven and enjoy your pizza with family and friends at home, or anywhere you like..... Love freshly baked pizza and bread? Then build this DIY outdoor pizza oven! Let Starting.... 
Materials: Sharp Sand (general purpose sand usually contains small amounts of aggregate)CementAggregateBuilders SandBucket or Pot – for the chimney (optional)Bricks – heat resistantLarge cellophane sheetWood or Foam – for shaping the archWood or Foam – for shaping the archPalletChipboard – make sure it is for outdoor useWood ScrewsTools:  Trowel  Wood Saw Drill Spade - for mixing  Let's start ... You follow the picture and make you own home made pizza oven.