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Slump Test

Concrete Slump Test      The Concrete Slump Test that measure the water cement ration w/c and work-ability of fresh concrete. Check the consistence of  fresh concrete and concrete flow. It's quick and easy check to see the concrete is suitable for work or not.
     Slump Test an important  test which help us get homogeneous fresh concrete before casting. Slump Test is direct effect on compression strength of hardened of concrete.
Slump Test Apparatus  (always clean and dry apparatus after use) Slump cone ( made of strong metal ) 1.5 mm thickness, internal dimension is 20 cm (8 inch) and above 10 cm (4 inch)  diameter and height of cone 30 cm (12 inch).Compacting steel bar 15 mm diameter and 60 cm height.Base Plate Filling CollarSteel rule Bursh and Mould Oil Bucket or Wheelbarrow Procedure Step by Step  Mixing the concrete sample properly Ensure mould and base plate are clean Place the mould at horizontal table or any floor or earth ( the floor or earth should be clean ) Fill the m…