Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Estimation of Building Material

Estimation  Of Building Materials 

  • Estimate of all building material including Steel, Concrete, Sand, Aggregates, Brick, Interior and Exterior Decorating Material, Tiles, and Ceiling etc.  
  • Prepare tender and contract documents, including bills of quantities with the architect and/or the client;
  • Undertake cost analysis for repair and maintenance project work;
  • Assist in establishing a client's requirements and undertake feasibility studies;
  • Perform risk, value management and cost control
  • Prepare and analyse costings for tenders;
  • Allocate work to subcontractors;
  • Provide advice on contractual claims;
  • Analyse outcomes and write detailed progress reports;
  • Value completed work and arrange payments;
  • Maintain awareness of the different building contracts in current use;
  • Assist clients in locating and accessing additional and alternative sources of funding;
  • Enable clients to initiate construction projects;
  • Advise on the maintenance costs of specific buildings.

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